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David A. Collings PE


Background and Experience:

I started my engineering career with a five-year Aeronautical Engineering Apprenticeship with the old A.V. Roe Company in Manchester, England. After collecting a Higher National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering along the way, I joined the Weapons Research Division as a stress analyst designing a large winged rocket propelled bomb called "Blue Steel". During this time I spent my weekends as a gliding instructor with the AVRO Gliding Club. In 1959, I joined the newly formed Light Aircraft Division at Short Brothers and Harland in Belfast, N. Ireland where we engineered the prototype "Skyvan" light freight aircraft. A couple of years later I joined Beagle Aircraft in Farnborough, England. After working on some experimental devices for the Institute of Aviation Medicine and the Fighting Vehicles Research and Development Establishment, I was contracted to work with the Swiss-American Aircraft Corporation in Switzerland helping Bill Lear to convert a Swiss fighter aircraft into the world's first business jet.

In 1966, I brought my family across the "pond" to settle in Connecticut, USA. For the next four years, I was employed at the Sikorsky Aircraft Division of United Technologies in the Advanced Design Branch where we developed some innovative ways of using new materials to make better helicopters.

For the past 26 years I have been engineering noise control products and systems with the Industrial Acoustics Company in the Bronx, New York. We did a lot of heavy stuff with ground run-up silencers and "Hush Houses" for jet aircraft, Power Plant silencers etc. Along the way I learned a lot about applied acoustics. In 1986 I was made a Vice President and ran the Research and Development department until leaving the company in 1998.


Although I don't do any soaring anymore, I do have a sailboat and sometimes find time to use itů..


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